Hey! My name's Spencer Parry, and I'm a "solutionizer" currently residing in Des Moines, IA. I chose that work, "solutionizer", to describe my role because one day I could be a software engineer creating backend functions, and the next I could be optimizing a client's cloud infrastructure to be more cost-effective, and the next I could be creating a CI/CD pipeline to automatically test and deploy code. I like to sum up what I do as "Business has a problem, I develop a solution".

When I'm AFK, I'm usually working out, taking the dogs for a walk, or catching up with some friends. Outside of the everyday, I love traveling, hiking, and seeking out those "once in a lifetime" experiences such as getting tickets to an EDM concert, or taking a last-minute trip to Hawaii, or hiking through the rainforest to jump off a waterfall in Puerto Rico.



Solutions Architect

National Pork Board

January 2021 - Present

  • Consult with the business to solutionize a variety of ideas and issues
  • Migrate existing business practices to Salesforce and serverless technologies on AWS
  • Work with the communications team to update various websites

  • IT/Software Consulting


    January 2012 - Present

  • Work with over 60 individuals, businesses, and startups to develop solutions for various business issues.
  • Migrate existing business infrastructure to cloud technologies
  • Provide various hardware repair solutions such as, hard drive replacement, and RAM upgrades

  • Software Development Contractor

    Nationwide Insurance

    May 2019 - December 2020

  • Collaborate with a team in a Scrum Environment with an Agile/Lean mindset
  • Develop solutions for an internal job management program using Java, Javascript and SQL
  • Test code using Ruby to verify our solutions are accurate

  • Senior Student Technician

    Iowa State University - Genetics, Development, and Cell Biology Department

    August 2016 - May 2019

  • Provide technical assistance for professors and staff in the department
  • Work with technologies such as SCCM, Active Directory, and JAMF to deploy, configure, and manage our machines
  • Collaborate in a team environment to find the best solutions for the problems at hand

  • Education

    Iowa State University

    Bachelor's of Science in Software Engineering

    August 2016 - December 2020


    AWS Cloud Practioner

    December 2021

    AWS Solutions Architect

    December 2022

    Skills & Projects

    Languages, Frameworks, Tools

    And many more.... just ran out of icons.


    OCR Invoice System

    Languages/Tools Used:

    The purpose of this project was to take emails coming to the organization from vendors, read them using OCR, and have them available in Salesforce. To accomplish this, I used AWS Lambda, Textract, S3, AppFlow, and SES, as well as some Python code, to create custom objects in Salesforce with the required information.

    Github Actions CI/CD Pipeline for Salesforce

    Languages/Tools Used:

    The purpose of this project was to allow our team to deploy Salesforce metadata between our sandbox environments and our production environment. To accomplish this I built a YAML file to run several Python and Bash scripts on Github Actions, and SFDX to do the metadata deployments.

    Herd/Inventory Management App

    Languages/Tools Used:

    The purpose of this project was to create an application for a startup that would allow users to track and manage different aspects of their cattle herd. To accomplish this, the three of us developers created an Ionic/Angular application that communicated with AWS for backend functionality using a variety of services. Using Ionic, we were also to make this available cross-platform to run on a user's iPad or Android tablet.